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Tubbs challenged by Lincoln for Stockton mayor


Michael Tubbs, incumbent

Highest level of education: Master’s degree in policy, organization and leadership studies from Stanford’s Graduate School of Education.

Occupation: Mayor of Stockton.

Political experience: Stockton City Council, mayor of Stockton.

Political affiliation: Democrat.

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs is running for a second term against challenger Kevin Lincoln.

Money raised: $662,824.21.

Biggest contributors: Snapchat CEO/founder Evan Spiegel, San Francisco philanthropist Steve Phillips, Carol Tolan of Wyoming, Carol Tolan of New York.

Question: What would you focus on if elected to a second term as mayor?

Answer: If all the problems in Stockton were solved, I would not be running again. I would find something else to do. I’m running because I’m a problem solver. We’ve begun to solve some problems. We have a lot more to do. So, number one will be this post COVID-19 recovery and ensuring that we’re able to keep people housed, that we’re able to keep people sheltered and that we’re able to help small businesses come back. That’s a function of having resources and that’s a function of having a strategy and a focus to do so. We’ve seen over the past six months in the way that the city, and also through the philanthropic funds I’ve been able to raise, have been laser focused on investing directly in our residents as a strategy to rebound


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