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Two men accused of trafficking Santa Fe woman | Local News


Two men accused of conspiring to buy and sell a 19-year-old Santa Fe woman as a “sex slave” were charged earlier this month with conspiracy to commit human trafficking, according a newly unsealed complaint filed in a U.S. District Court in Texas.

The criminal complaint, unsealed Wednesday, says Alfonso Orozco Juarez, 35, of Dallas had met the woman on the dating app MeetMe. After meeting with her, the document alleges, Juarez assaulted the woman and coerced her into prostitution in September 2019, and then handed her over to Robert Hubert, 66, of South Carolina for $5,000.

“This victim endured horrific abuse at the hands of these defendants,” U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said in a U.S. Justice Department news release. “It’s unthinkable and frankly, difficult to learn that this type of thing is happening in our District.”

According to the criminal complaint, the case came to light in June, when special agents of the 2nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office received a tip from Haven Behavioral Hospital in Albuquerque that a patient might have been the victim of sex trafficking, prompting an investigation.

The complaint says Juarez first met the Santa Fe woman, identified as Adult Victim 1, in a Dallas motel room, where he began to assault her with the butt of his pistol, bruising her hand and jaw. Juarez threatened to harm the woman’s family if she did not consent to being part of a sex trade, the complaint says.

“After her first meeting with Juarez,” the complaint says, “she went back and forth between her residence in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Dallas approximately five times via airplane, funded by Juarez,” who set up “dates” for commercial sex.

She was paid with drugs and money, the woman said.

She told investigators Juarez “became increasingly abusive and controlling, even pointing a loaded gun at AV1’s head and pulling the trigger.”

Eventually, the woman said, Juarez put an advertisement for her on the website, which Special Agent John Perez of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement described in the criminal complaint as a “social networking website for people interested in fetishism.”

In text messages obtained by investigators, Juarez described the woman as “property” and said she was “totally dependent” on him. He also expressed his desire to have a “house full of service sex slaves.”

“Sweet, I will take the slave,” Hubert responded via text message, according to the complaint.

The documents state the woman was taken to a gas station in Dallas, where she was informed she was going to be staying with a man from South Carolina for a week. The man, who went by the screen name “The Darkest Lord” on, was later identified as Hubert, the complaint says.

The woman described Hubert in discussions with investigators as a “biker dude” with tattoos and an eye patch.

At the gas station, the complaint alleges, Hubert put the woman in his car and attached a thin, metal collar around her neck before driving her to his Redbuck, S.C., home in a car with another woman who had “cuts, burn marks, and bruises all over her body and a branded logo on her hip.”

Hubert threatened to brand the Santa Fe woman if she didn’t comply, the complaint alleges. Scared for her safety, the woman began to text Juarez for help, who told her to “endure what you have to.”

The complaint says the woman finally convinced Hubert to allow her to call her family after she was led into what she described to investigators as a “dungeon.”

The woman’s father told investigators he spoke with Hubert, who at first agreed to allow her safe return home if the family provided him with the $5,000 he had paid for her. Hubert sent an alleged “proof of sale” contract with Juarez to the father, according to the complaint.

Ultimately, Hubert allowed the woman to leave by bus after one of Juarez’s friends purchased a ticket for her to travel to Dallas, investigators said. She returned to her home in Santa Fe about a week later.

If convicted, Juarez and Hubert could face life in prison.


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