On October 22, 2020 a U.S. District Judge sentenced Xaver Boston, 31, to serve 40 years in prison and 30 years of supervised release for his role in a sex trafficking investigation in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A federal jury in Charlotte previously convicted Xaver on Oct. 11, 2018, of six counts of sex trafficking and one count of using an interstate facility to promote a prostitution enterprise.

Xaver who served in the U.S. Army as a reserve military policeman operated an extensive sex trafficking enterprise in the Charlotte area between 2012 and September 2017, except for a brief period when he was deployed overseas.

Xaver recruited young women and one teenager by promising to provide them with a place to live and heroin or other opioids. Xaver then advertised the victims on Backpage.com for prostitution and collected the proceeds for his own profit.

Evidence presented at trial showed that Xaver used violence to control and coerce the women. Testimony revealed that on multiple occasions Xaver choked one victim and punched and slapped the other female victims. Xaver also used a pistol to strike one victim in the face, breaking her nose.    

Xaver used fear, coercion and violence against young women to build a depraved sex trafficking criminal enterprise, robbing his victims of the most basic standards of human dignity.


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