Ukraine: See Donetsk's bomb-struck residents emerge from underground shelter

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M/S Young girl in shelter
M/S Woman and man organising supplies
M/S Supplies
M/S Elderly people in shelter
M/S Elderly woman in shelter
C/U Elderly woman’s crossed hands
W/S Elderly people in shelter
C/U Elderly people in shelter
C/U Supplies
W/S Elderly people in shelter
M/S Supplies
M/S Supplies
W/S Residents emerging from shelter
W/S Residents emerging from shelter
W/S Exterior of bomb shelter


Donetsk residents emerged from underground bomb shelters to stock up on supplies on Wednesday. Due to the continued the bombardment of the region, locals have been hesitant to leave the protective underground structures which they currently call home.

Donetsk and Lugansk have been continuous shelling since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict. Many of Donetsk’s residents have fled the region, but some have not been able to leave. Among those who have stayed behind are many elderly people, and children.

While both Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko have both stated that the conflict in Ukraine can only be solved peacefully, Kiev air strikes of Lugansk and Donetsk have continued.

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