#UncleMikeChallenge fundraiser for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (Unabridged)

It all came down to this, the main event, the big hair cut. As I post this video, I have been extremely lucky with raising $1,328 for The Cancer Research Institute from 27 kind souls and another $200 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation from 4 generous souls. With this video though, I hope I will be able to raise more for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through my Facebook fundraiser that is ongoing.

Like most of you, I have had dear family and friends touched by cancer and it’s incredibly damaging effects. In solidarity with those family and friends and for the countless others touched by cancer, I decided to have my niece and nephew shave my head after going a little over one year without a hair cut. This is the pinnacle event of the fundraising drive, but there are other supporting pictures and items on the Facebook fundraiser page listed below if you would like to know more about this fundraising drive.

Every little bit helps and is most welcomed. If you have some money that you can spare, please consider making a donation at my Facebook fundraiser page at the link listed below. As opposed to some other crowd sourcing/fund raising websites there is no processing fee with the Fundraisers run right now through Facebook meaning that both you the donator and me the fundraiser are not paying out for overhead, it goes straight to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. What’s more, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is highly regarded by Charity Watch and Consumer Reports, among others, as a reputable charity.

And whether you have some money to spare for this fundraiser or not, please consider sharing this video or the the Facebook fundraiser link on your own social media platform.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!


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