You are currently viewing Unequivocal Crypto! Bitcoin XRP ETHEREUEM BILL GATES MOJALOOP ethereum xrp news xrp price prediction

Unequivocal Crypto! Bitcoin XRP ETHEREUEM BILL GATES MOJALOOP ethereum xrp news xrp price prediction

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Bitcoin reaches 20,000

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The Ripple Board member Zoe Cruz that went to business school with Jamie Dimon, Forbes named zoe the most powerful woman and had was a co-president for institutional securities and wealth management at Morgan Stanley . Is telling us that this is a revolution, this is a paradigm shift.. Transfer of Value is huge we will have bumps but its unequivocal. It will change a lot of things.
The definition of unequivocal is leaving no doubt; unambiguous.

Its crystal clear that this is a paradigm shift.

There are a few behemoth megabanks that control cross border settlements. There are thousands of small banks that pay outrageous fees to use the megabanks settlement services. Ripple offers product to the smaller bank that will let them settle for cheap.

There is a crisis situation and this exposes the cracks of the megabanks or the too big to fail. Ripple is offering a solution that takes power out of the too big to fails and puts it into the rest of the banking world. The smaller banks

The richest most powerful people of the world share an ideology. They have a goal, the have all the wealth, they have all the power. The super elites share this information out in the open. They want an inclusive economy that everyone can participate. I believe it’s for sinister motives however you can believe what you want to the facts do not change. They are out in the open praising a digital, green, inclusive future. Ripple gifted the world the interledger protocol. An open source project that Mojaloop uses.

Mojaloop the Bill Gates backed project that is bringing a level playing field to Africa and developing nations.

Ripple positioned themselves for this. They offer a plug and play solution for any business, small bank to use and hope right on the block chain based internet.

The g20 nations are working diligently on regulations. We have seen the progress in England, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan these nations are defining crypto assets and building the necessary rails for crypto transact. Nations are updating their legacy software. The US is a super power, strongest military, richest nation however the rest of the world is updating their systems. Will Jay Clayton and the SEC stall the whole world? The answer is No. The United States is not being left behind.

The central banks of this world are on a mission. They’re worried about deflation and are fighting it with inflation. If hyperinflation takes hold we have less purchasing power and the tax laws are written in nominal terms. Meaning we might need to be a millionaire to buy a loaf of bread and you will be in the millionaire tax branch. Use the system on itself! iTrust Capital offers IRAs in crypto and precious metals. The US government allows us to invest 6K a year on IRAS that have tax incentives. iTrust is a tool for us I suggest everyone take a look at the services iTrust has to offer. The link is in the description below!

As Zoe Stated the rest of the world is moving forward. The issues that the US has is just that a US problem. The g20 is preparing its frameworks for a global stable coin. The global stable coin is a place holder. The world gets to write their laws with this fictional stable coin. The reality is there is not enough time to develop. We will be forced to adopt a solution from the private sector.

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