Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Kids and Young Adults

Are you at your wit’s end trying to think of some unique non-candy Easter basket ideas? Do you want to do something special and creative for Easter, but it just seems like too much with everything else you are trying to juggle?  

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Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kid’s Baskets

First there is the question of what to use for a basket. You can use a prefilled Easter basket like these to really save time. I usually like the fun of shopping for the Easter basket fillers myself, but prefilled baskets do save time.

Or fans you could give this themed basket

But why not try something a little more creative and give a basket that is part of the gift.

  1. Baseball hat for a favorite sports team
  2. A hat for encouraging creativity

3. A bucket to use at the beach

4. Organizing Bins

5. Umbrella

6. A purse makes a fun Easter basket for a girl

7. For a senior in high school, a laundry basket or bag makes a useful Easter basket &  get them ready for college

8. If you are crafty you can use a piece of cardboard, candy boxes and a hot glue gun to build your own Easter basket

9. Rain boots or even  a new pair of shoes for older kids

Unique Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

These Easter basket ideas are fun for both boys and girls.

  1. Legos are a favorite & the little people fit into an egg

2. 3 D dinosaur puzzles

3.  Sunglasses

4. Fun socks

5. Coloring books

6. Slime, even better yet the ingredients and a promise to make it together

7. Book to build something new with the Legos you already have

8. Playdoh or new tools to play with play dough


9. Bubble

10. Finger paints or really any paint, it is getting warm and painting is a great outdoor activity

11. lip balm or chapstick

12. Movie tickets

Easter Basket Ideas for Teens and Young Adults

Yes, I continued to have Easter baskets for my kids even post-college. I noticed one Easter when my sister and I were together the Saturday before Easter she was scurrying around finding things for their Easter basket. At the time I thought it was a little silly. Now I enjoy the opportunity to get them a little something.

  1. Movie tickets are still good
  2. Book
  3. Flash drive get a fun  one


4. Gift Card to a coffee place or carwash

5. A roll of quarters for laundry or really any cash will be appreciated

6. Snack food like Ramen or nuts

7. Homemade cookies or bars

8. Chocolate is always good

This is my favorite and here is a retro favorite of the boys

Yes we celebrate Christ’s resurrection on Easter, but it is also a fun opportunity to spoil the ones we love just a little. So have fun with it instead of making it a chore. What is your favorite thing to give for Easter? If you gave yourself an Easter basket what would you put in it?

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Even though these are focused on Christmas many of the ideas will work for Easter too.

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Creative ideas for Easter baskets that make the basket part of the gift. Fillers for your kids even for teens and young adults. Go beyond the stuffed bunny and chocolate.


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