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UNSEEN: The Trafficked Truth Podcast Bringing Survivor Stories to the Front


Learn the truths behind sex trafficking crimes and commercial sexual exploitation through truth telling Survivors

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, November 23, 2020 / — After a promise she made to herself 15 years ago, the UNSEEN: The Trafficked Truth podcast’s host Victoria Roland (or Mama “V” as her youths call her) continues to use her experience and platform to serve survivors and victims of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. UNSEEN fills the gap between the commercial success and mainstream gaze of blockbuster films like Taken or the headlines of Jeffrey Epstein to shed light on stories that more fully represent a thriving community of survivors. Listeners will get a chance to hear stories that rarely make it to headlines such as Episode 2 covering the case of sex trafficking victim Chrystul Kizer.

Sex trafficking is a billion dollar industry and affects our black and brown communities disproportionately. Our LGBTQ+ members are missing, murdered, and assaulted at high rates. UNSEEN builds on its powerful debut episode in which Victoria recounts her own survivor story for the first time publicly, setting a stage and safe space for guest survivors to let themselves be heard. Each survivor story is as different and complex as the last, but all reveal common threads of perseverance, faith, and gratitude. Sex traffickers take advantage of the most vulnerable on the fringes of class, race and gender; UNSEEN shows us just how close we all could be to their hidden operations in broad daylight. Season two is coming out this December and will highlight these untold stories.

As the Program Coordinator and Supervisor for the only CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) and Sex Trafficking Shelter for minors in Hawaii, Victoria understands personally and professionally the strong correlation between survivors being heard, seen, and believed and their journey towards healing. Unseen offers listeners an opportunity to hear from survivors who sound like the community Victoria serves daily in order to help strengthen a community of survivors, build an ecosystem of fellow advocates and empower allies to be aware of the signs of sex trafficking operations. Victoria shared, “There is power and strength in storytelling, true survival story telling. This isn’t for us, its for them, its for those voiceless and underserved.”

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