Various roles in super sus

01:06 Crewmate
20 roles
1. Crew (spacecrew or crewmate) can do quests or missions. Complete all quests or missions to be victorious. and revealing the imposter
2. Sherrif can attack an imposter or an intermediary. You won’t die if attacking an alias or intermediary, but if you attack a crew member you will die.
3. Engineers can repair spaceships remotely. and can jump in the vent
4. The detective (detective) can check everyone’s footprints. and will fade when the time for everyone’s footprints to appear has run out.
5. Doctor (doctor) can revive the crew. by dragging the corpse to the infirmary and resuscitating the crew If there is a corpse, an arrow points to the corpse.
6. Seer (seer) can check other people’s faction. Check up to 3 times
7. Guardian (guardian) can protect the crew. But can only protect 1 person And the alias will not be able to attack those you protect. If the covert attacks the guardian The shield that we protect the person we protect, the shield will disappear.
8. A swapper can swap votes in 1 pair per 1 round in the meeting.
9. A spy (agent) can reveal the location of an alias or an intermediary. But be careful. Because if the spy has 1 mission left The spy reveals the location to the imposter or intermediary. If the spy completes all missions Will reveal the location of the imposter or intermediary. But must distinguish carefully whether the arrow points to the latent or the intermediary as a latent or intermediary
10. A hacker (hacker) enters the room to swipe the card. and hack data to get more information and will be able to recognize who is the alias
11. A plumber (drainer) can block the pipe. If there is an engineer or hidden in the pipeline The alias and the engineer will die instantly.
12. Warden (scout) can see a wide view.
13. The mayor (mayor) can keep the right to vote in the next meeting.
14. Veterans can recruit players who use skills on you, but be careful not to recruit crew members.
15.Security (security) can place all 3 cameras and can view from a distance camera.
16. Grinch (Grinch) You yourself are the villain in the eyes of the covert. Hide your role
17. Warden (warden) can create a private conversation. The chance is lost if the crew is punished.
18. The trapper can see people inside the pipe. If you’re on the tube The imposter will die instantly. If you are killed by an imposter The alias reports a corpse after 1 second.
19. Time master can rewind time for 5 seconds, cooldown or sabotage does not occur. when turning back time
20. Samurai (samurai) can protect people near you.
08:02 Imposter
14 roles
1. Imposter can attack the crew. and destroy the spacecraft
2. Spy (spy or spashifer) can impersonate someone else. At the start of the game, samples will be collected.
3. Night watchers (vigiler) can place warp gates. and can enter the warp door
4. Shaman, formerly a conjurer, able to curse others. And those who are cursed will die after a period of time.
5. The flashbang can throw flash bombs that blind the crew.
6. A janitor can kill and collect corpses without a trace. but will not be able to kill If a teammate is present and will be able to kill After teammates were eliminated Or being attacked by the sheriff teammates
7. Invisible Lizard Chameleons were originally capable of being invisible. When invisible, crew members cannot see invisible people.
8. Blackjack can be guessed or killed during a meeting. If your guess is correct you will not die, if your guess is wrong you will die.
9. Undertaker can drag dead bodies But if the crew finds the corpse you’ve dragged It will still be reported.
10. The puppeteer can lock the target and control it.
11. The bounty hunter can recognize the position of the crew. If attacking a crew member hits a target Cooldown is reduced. If the crew is off target Cooldown is increased.
12. Ninja (ninja) can mark the position of the crew. and can blink or attack. If attacked, it becomes invisible and has a leaf that can be captured by the crew.
13. Dementors can live after death.
14. Empress (empress) can summon people near you.
12:08 Intermediary
7 roles
1. Arsonist Originally, the arsonist was able to pour petrol on other players. including the imposter If everyone pours oil can be set on fire
2. Joker (joker) can jump pipes. and was eliminated to win
3. A hypnotist can apply for a player to be your servant.
4. Spirit (phantom) can do quests or quests. After the meeting Means being killed or eliminated by an alias. Do 2-3 missions to win.
5. The survivor can use the shield 3 times, if the imposter wins, the survivor wins too. if the crew wins The survivor wins too.
6. Ghouls (ghouls) can eat corpses. and get an arrow pointing to the corpse Eat 2 corpses to win.
7. Gluttony can devour players. when there is a meeting

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