Venice Beach To Santa Monica Pier HANDBALL HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS REMOVED Virtual Bike Tour Grind

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Come take a ride with me from Venice Beach Boardwalk To Santa Monica pier HANDBALL HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS REMOVED Virtual Bike Tour Grind for Today. Filmed 04-15-21 Come see the sites and sounds of one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world. There is always something happening from Santa Monica to Venice Beach and everyone is invited so Let’s Go. Time To Grind.
For my GTAV fans Come bike with me from Del Perro Pier to Vespucci Beach GTAV Real Life Grind.
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Santa Monica To Venice gives you the most recent news activities happening at Santa Monica, Muscle Beach, Venice Beach, Venice Beach Skatepark.
Santa Monica Pier To Venice Beach is one of the most famous stretches of beaches in the world. This area is known for its bohemian spirit. Yoga capital of the USA for its Yoga Style. The area is also known for its Free-spirited Venice Boardwalk and also is the site of funky shops, street performers, and colorful murals. We might even get to see the famous Youtuber German In Venice at work in his shop. Santa Monica to Venice has more than its fair share of Homeless people and is often called The Skid Row on the Beach. You will see many homeless encampments in my video. Hopefully one day we can solve this homeless problem. There’s also Venice Beach skatepark and Muscle Beach outdoor gym. Santa Monica has the original Muscle beach and you will see it on my Virtual bike tour. If you skate or love skateboarding you must visit Santa Monica To Venice. There is a great area for Roller Skating in Venice Beach. Santa Monica and the Venice beach area is the home of skateboarding, Rollerblading, and the mecha that must be visited by all who love to skate, rollerblade, or just roller skate to music. I love visiting the Santa Monica Volleyball nets. I also love to play at the Venice Handball Courts some people call them the Venice Racquetball Courts but I used to play handball there. When I was younger my dad loved playing at the Venice Basketball Courts and the Venice Paddle Tennis Courts. I was born and raised with Dog Town Skates and really love the Santa Monica To Venice Vibes. is all about the Santa Monica To Venice Beach Lifestyle Thank you for grinding with Let’s Go hit Santa Monica To Venice and continue to Grind

00:10 Venice Beach
00:30 Venice Paddle Tennis
01:00 Venice Muscle Beach
01:20 Venice Handball Courts
03:40 Venice Basketball Courts
03:50 Venice Roller Skating
06:40 Venice Skatepark
09:00 German In Venice
09:30 Venice Beach Boardwalk
11:00 Venice Homeless Encampments
12:00 Skid Row Venice Beach
15:00 Santa Monica Bike Path
15:20 Santa Monica Bike Tour
16:30 Santa Monica Beach
19:30 Santa Monica Muscle Beach
20:10 Santa Monica Pier

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