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Veterans organizations expanding vehicle donation program | Local News


The American Legion Thomas M. Brady Post 45 in Canton, working closely with the Cherokee County Homeless Veterans Program, is expanding its vehicle donation program to support single veteran mothers in need of reliable transportation through a partnership with AutoGift.

According to Cherokee County Homeless Veterans Program Director Jim Lindenmayer, Angela Agel from AutoGift approached program officials several months ago to explore expanding the vehicle donation program to another segment of the veteran community, that being single veteran mothers with small children who are in need of transportation, both in Cherokee County and other neighboring areas.

As initially designed, the current program provides donated vehicles to either a disabled veteran who was at least 70 percent VA Service connected disabled or formerly homeless veterans who had demonstrated they were back on their feet and in need of a vehicle to obtain a better job position, Lindenmayer said. Since the program began in 2018, more than 20 vehicles have been donated to veterans in these positions. By expanding the program through participation from AutoGift, a growing segment of the veteran population will be able to be better addressed and provide those involved another way to help the veteran community.

AutoGift collaborates with agencies helping single mothers in need and who are typically victims of homelessness, domestic violence, PTSD, women in recovery or have medically needy children, Agel said. The AutoGift recipients are chosen from approved advocate agencies who thoroughly vet potential recipients’ situations to ensure the cars will be a blessing and not a burden. Vehicle recipients are only required to pay for their own auto insurance. AutoGift’s goal is to spread hope to women so they can become independent, take care of themselves and their children, get a job, go back to school, attend church, help their children become a part of their community and one day be a fruitful part of it as well. 

Through this new partnership, the Cherokee County Homeless Veterans Program and the American Legion Post 45 will continue to accept tax deductible vehicle donations, including non-operational vehicles into the program. At the same time, it will work with AutoGift, identifying candidate vehicles donated to the program that can be given to AutoGift for use by their program for female veterans. The CCHVP will also assist AutoGift in vetting the female veterans who are candidates for donated vehicles.


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