Watch And Listen To How Covert Racist Homeless Shelters In Portland Oregon Operate (Part 1)

Do Good Multnomah a local non profit, located inside the Portsmouth Union Church another local nonprofit located in Portland Oregon kicked a homeless black man out to the streets in the freezing cold and then tried to use discrimination tactics, and reverse discrimination tactics on him for complaining about severe psychiatric patients and drug addicts causing problems. The staff member in the video thinks that he is so smart but the African American male recording makes this staff member aware of something, and then the staff members attitude quickly changes. The purpose of this video is to display just how racist the places like Portland Oregon really is and what tactics are being used in order to oppress colored people. last but not least there are only about 3 out of 40 colored people at this shelter to begin with.
Bottom line blacks are not wanted here, these fools can say what they want !


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