You are currently viewing We Raised $1,512.29 for Charity…

We Raised $1,512.29 for Charity…

Thank you for making the first annual Christmas Charity Fundraiser event such a success! I hope you all had an amazing time while watching myself get pie-faced a dozen times and wax-stripping my leg. In the end, we raised over $1,500 for The Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign: Matt, Anthony Davis, Ken Williams, David Hall, Meredith Forrer, Ben Smith, Hawthy-Productions, Brickopotamus, Vader-X-Bricks, Sam Mason, Hauligali, Mathew, Corbin, Ciaran, Micah, Matt Engel, M5_builds, Brix Films, Kult of Christensen, James, Cody, Randy, Paul, Issac, LordoftheBrix, Dennis, Ben, Logan, Nick, Rurubuild, Karla, Bob, Fresh Brciks, Matthew, Christian, First Order Lego, The Brick Guild, Holly, Speedlego, Republic Studs, Adrian, Marco, Austin, Tips & Bricks, Tommi, The Trending Brick, Sands, Zachary, Matt Wright, and all the other donors who chose to remain anonymous!



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HUGE thank you to all in the Membership Squad! You all have gone above and beyond to help me continue what I love doing here on the channel.

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