Webinar supporting parents throughout the pandemic raises funds for women's shelters

Dannielle Miller from Women’s Community Shelters has devised a unique strategy to raise much needed funds to keep women’s shelters operating while supporting parents throughout the coronavirus.

As the severity of the coronavirus pandemic has escalated, there has been a marked increase in domestic violence incidents around the world which has been attributed to an increase in time spent at home as people around the world embrace social distancing measures.

Ms Miller said “during any period of natural disaster and huge stress we know that domestic and family violence increase”.

“Social isolation and… lock downs will exasperate that even further,” she said.

“In Wuhan, women’s violence services reported that they had triple the usual number of calls asking for assistance during this period and local police also reported that they were actually inundated with calls regarding domestic violence,” she told Sky News host Jacinta Tynan.

Ms Miller said “over half a million dollars worth of events that Women’s Community Shelters were hoping to run in order to do some much needed fundraising have had to be cancelled”.

To respond to this dramatic loss of funding Ms Miller has combined forces with other experts on parenting to “offer a webinar that can provide support for anxious parents” and offer strategies to deal with their children at a time when families are spending extended periods of time at home together.

Ms Miller said the webinar would also serve to “raise some much needed funds” for Women’s Community Shelters.


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