Welcome to the Amal Women's Shelter in Boston

The Amal Women’s Shelter in Boston recently opened up in 2017. The 12 Bed Congregate Living space also has a community resource room, counseling center, and a food pantry.

Please visit www.icnarelief.org/amal to learn more.

What people say about ICNA Relief:

“ICNA Relief is a pride and joy of our community, because not only do they do dawah by educating people about what Islam is and what we believe, more importantly than that they show people what Islam is.That Islam is a religion of compassion, that Islam is a religion that believes in standing with the poor and serving the poor and the most downtrodden of those around us.” ~ Sr. Linda Sarsour

“ICNA Relief does a great job of domestically distributing the Zakat funds and charity on behalf of the Muslim community” – Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda

“It is indeed interested in feeding the hungry, in helping the poor, in finding space for Widows and Orphans to live, in doing what our religion requires us to do” – Sh. Yasir Qadhi

“I’m a student of ICNA Relief Alhamdulillah. ICNA Relief is my heart and soul, ICNA Relief contributed to making me who I am today as a person. I owe this organization so much…”” ~ Imam Omar Suleiman


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