West York Police accuse second person in sex trafficking of 13-year-old


(Image courtesy of Ibiza2day.com)

A York City woman accused of engaging in the sexual trafficking of a juvenile is facing felony charges.

Lenee Lynn Rivera, 25, of the 400 block of Prospect Street, has not yet been arraigned on her offenses, according to court records.

She will be charged with two counts of trafficking in minors, one count of aggravated indecent assault, four counts of promoting prostitution and one count of corruption of a minor, according to court records. All the charges are felonies.

She also will be charged with the misdemeanor of indecent assault of a person less than 16 years of age, records state. The charges were filed Monday by West York Detective David Kahley.

Kahley previously filed charges including rape and patronizing a victim of sexual servitude against Takanii Beatty, 46, of West York.


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