What Bill Gates says about opportunity ! Bill Gates Statement Ep. – 1

Bill Gates, the principal architect of Microsoft Inc, has been religiously regarded for his remarkable contribution in software technology and building a sizeable ecosystem. Bill Gates, the man behind the visionary success of the world’s largest technology conglomerate, has been extremely active in a large number of philanthropic activities, as well as several social and charitable causes via Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates has held the world’s richest person title for the maximum number of years as compared to any other person in the last three decades. In 2018, the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos dethroned him from the first place and became the richest person in the world.

Bill Gates receives worldwide praise from billions of individuals who are aspiring to become like him. The ideologies of Bill Gates have been admired by a large section of people ranging from school kids to the people in their retirement ages.

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