White Rhino participates in Angel Tree program at every location.


The local coffee shop, White Rhino Coffee participates in their 3rd annual Angel tree event, after many of their holiday events were limited due to high COVID-19 cases.

“Typically, we have several different holiday events, but due to Covid cases skyrocketing, we are very limited. Hopefully next year we can send you over a ton of events during October-December,” shared  Kelly Gullett, the Events Coordinator for White Rhino.

White Rhino Coffee hosts their Angel Tree for the Holiday season.

For their angel tree, the White Rhino team partnered with SWAGG, a family-oriented ministry that shares the love of God by offering Serenity, Wisdom, Agility, Grace, and Guidance to foster and homeless children.

“Our goal in doing angel tree is to provide an opportunity for our community to come together to serve children and families in need during the holiday season,” shared Gullett. “We have 65 angels on our tree. This year has been particularly challenging for so many and we want to give back and ensure these families feel loved.”


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