Wisconsin man gets 27 years in federal person after sex trafficking survivors speak about abuse | Crime


MILWAUKEE — A Hartford man, who for 23 years exploited women and a minor who worked out of strip clubs in Clyman and elsewhere, was sentenced Wednesday in federal court to 27 years in prison for sex trafficking.

Christopher L. Childs, 48, made a career of coercing, threatening and assaulting women, getting them to work in strips clubs, including the Hardware Store in Clyman, to engage in prostitution with the money going into Childs’ pockets, said Asst. U.S. Attorney Erica Lounsberry.

During the three-hour sentencing, several women told District Judge Pamela Pepper about how Childs befriended them, but through coercion, threats and violence broke down their sense of self until they did everything he asked.

“Tiffany” testified that she was a Certified Nursing Assistant at a hospital when she met Childs in 2015. Initially, she considered him a friend who promised to take care of her. She left her job but for the next two years, she said she was subjected to “sexual torture and beaten and until I caved and performed sex acts I didn’t want to do.”

Other victims said they had young children who heard Childs beat them in another room for not complying with his demands.

Childs had his women tattooed with his name on their necks showing “the world that the victim is the property of the pimp,” Lounsberry wrote the court.


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