Women as the Nexus between Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health: The Gates Foundation's Thinking.wmv

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation believes that women are at the nexus of agriculture, nutrition, and health. As smallholder farmers and caretakers of children, women make daily food production and consumption decisions for their families. Expansive literature suggests that women are much more likely than men to spend additional income on food and healthcare, so increasing women’s income is likely to have a proportionally greater impact on children’s health and nutrition than comparable increases in men’s income. Given the significant time constraints on women, interventions that affect women’s time allocation can help improve their own nutrition as well as that of their children.

The foundation has taken significant measures to increase our effectiveness in agricultural development and nutritional improvement by designing strategies to ensure women are at the center of our investment approaches, testing innovative models that ensure women are able to access productive agricultural and nutritional resources and that grantees are designing programs that are responsive to women, and men, farmer’s needs.

This presentation will briefly discuss the foundation’s approach to achieving sustainable agricultural productivity for poor smallholders, the role of gender across the portfolio and emerging collaborations with the foundation’s Global Health colleagues in achieving improved nutritional outcomes from investments in agricultural development.


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