YMCA launches new food distribution plan, continues shelter program

MUNCIE, Ind. — In response to a pandemic that has increased the need for food and housing assistance, the YMCA of Muncie has created two programs to help those in need.

This month, the organization will launch two new food distribution initiatives, which aim to keep children in Delaware County fed. Up north, the Y has also announced it will continue its effort housing and feeding the homeless at Camp Crosley in partnership with a local non-profit.

The Downtown YMCA Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020.

“During times of uncertainty, families can count on the Y to provide essential services for the community,” said Chad Zaucha, CEO of the YMCA of Muncie, in a press release. “The YMCA of Muncie is committed to ensuring kids in our communities have ongoing, uninterrupted access to nutrition.”

Here’s a look at how each of the programs work:

Weekend food distribution to start Feb. 12

To expand its anti-hunger fight, the YMCA of Muncie will launch two new food distribution programs for children in Delaware County.

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