This angel help us to transform and overcome lack mentality which means our beliefs, thoughts and habits.
Hello just new here in You tube, call me HAPPY ANGEL and I am an Empath,Intuitive Tarot,Oracle and Angel reader, a mentor and adviser. Your here to my channel. I want you to know, that you are beautiful, special and deserving. I love helping people to overcome challenges, side-step disasters, gain insight into situations, grab happiness,blessing.
Its my privileges’ to lead you to your correct path, help you heal any wounds(broken hearts), highlight any roadblocks you may face and to guide you to the best possible outcome.
My focus is always on giving you guidance and solutions that are uniquely right for you.
The main purpose of my YouTube channel is to make you feel uplifted, motivated as well as more confident in creating your dream life.
My channel is all about YOU, and helping YOU feel guided through sharing the intuitive messages I receive from the Universe.
I create pick a card readings & quick reminder and videos on how to create your dream life Because to some of us, ‘pick a card’ readings can be so much more than coincidentally choosing a pile of cards. I have dedicated my time to bringing intuitive predictions and divine messages from the Universe to you. I mostly create pick a card readings, where you may pick a group of cards and receive a reading that hopefully resonates with you, I also incorporate crystals and gemstones and different kinds of deck in my videos for high vibration purposes.
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Be Greteful and Be the best that you can be in this life.
It is a legal requirement that we include a disclaimer on this site. In accordance with the law in several countries we must point out that all tarot readings given here are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions.

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